Online home theater festival
30, 31 MAY 2020
What to do in self-isolation?
For those who are in self-isolation alone everything is clear, there are many great opportunities to learn new professions, improve skills in the old ones and generally look at the world differently. Even we have unique online courses that will help you discover your creative potential, improve your speech, physical or just acting skills.

But. What should those who are in self-isolation with relatives and friends do?
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We offer an alternative — home theater
The best fragments in Stanislavsky's texts are specifically about home theater. About learning plays together, about trying to invent sets and props from improvised means. About all this, about everything. And we offer you a unique project. Online festival.
Participation formats
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«You need not pay the registration fee if your situation does not allow you to do so. You will still be able to show your performance with us. The purpose of this festival is humanitarian. So we are happy to welcome all participants.

And still, why is it good to pay the registration fee? You will get fantastic support from professionals, new knowledge, high- quality training, and our teachers, actors and Directors who are currently left without theater, cinema and offline students, will have the opportunity to survive this difficult time.

The purpose of this festival is humanitarian. Let's help each other!»

Tanya Weinstein, co-founder and artistic Director of the Leludi school
How will it go?
You can choose a fare with or without support, and join us, be it today or the day before the festival – we will still find room for you
Preparing the performance
Create a script, prepare props and scenery, and rehearse your performance with your loved ones at home.
Teacher support
If you have chosen a format with support, one of our school's teachers, a professional actor or Director, will help you write your own
script (or choose an interesting play that has already been created), figure out how to implement it, work on the roles and create
your own performance that can be shown at our festival, and then even play in reality for the audience when the quarantine ends.

The work is purely piece-by-piece, no general formulas and recipes. Just such a project lasting a month and with incredible
adventures right within the four walls.
1,2,3 May 2020 you will be able to show your performance online at our festival.
The duration of the performance is up to 25 minutes.
Leludi is a school of acting. You can study for your amusement or go through the whole cycle from beginner to professional. Since
2009, we have passed through more than 10,000 students who have worked with such Directors as Krymov, Moguchy, Fokin,
Didenko, Serzin, Vyrypaev, Di kapua, Vilisov.

We create the theater education of the future with an emphasis on performative practices.

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